Just Once....

Telugu Christian Devotional Songs

Oh, taste and see

that the Lord is good.....Psalms 34:8







Okkasari - Just Once...., is a Telugu Christian Devotional Album presented by Martins Music Ministries.


The album has been produced during the observance of the yearly season of Lent, a period of meditation and prayer for many in the Christian world. It echoes the joy and hope in the fact that Christ is risen and is alive - the basis of the Easter celebrations.


Down through the ages to the present day, the Master awaits His erring children, time and again, waiting patiently - if His children will turn to Him completely, atleast once. He is knocking at the door of your heart, this very moment. Can you hear the gentle voice calling your name? Turn to Him and ye shall be saved. If you turn to Him today, you may never want to go back on the old path again.


Turn to the Cross today, remember His sacrifice for us, take the leap of faith, just once....

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